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(La traduction est en préparation)

Cher Visiteur,

En attendant une traduction parfaite du texte hollandais, je vous souhaite la bienvenue sur notre site internet. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez poser des questions en français. Ma réponse sera écrite en français aussi, mais hélas, elle ne sera pas sans fautes. Pendant ce temps j'espère que vous comprendrez le texte Anglais.

Welcome to my web site! If you have mastered the basics of surfing the web, I can't imagine that this site will be presenting you with too many problems - but if something inadvertently doesn't work the way you had expected it do, please let me know.
Downloading some of the illustrations can be a bit of a time-consuming affair during peak hours. At the start of the Internet adventure, in the spring of 1998, when I had not yet discovered the ins and outs of site construction, I had a habit of creating fairly large files. These are now gradually being replaced by more bite-sized files.
I hope that this visit will be the start of a lasting relationship between yourself and the gallery.
                                                            Koen Nieuwendijk

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