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* The Four Seasons in Sixteen Stone Worth of Silver *

Jef Huibers, "Summer" 2002, silver (925) and wood, height 90 cm.

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Jef Huibers occupies a peculiar position in the world of silver, being a painter and designer rather than an actual silversmith. Many of his concepts have been made at the workshop of Jan van Nouhuys, including his sculpture entitled Summer. The three stacked wooden boxes house a silver object each which together represent the various stages of the sun from dawn to midday, when Phoebus with its burning rays reaches its pinnacle. Closer scrutiny of Jef Huibers's oeuvre reveals that in his own particular way he has distanced himself from many of the customs of the trade and has thus arrived at a design and use of materials which more or less represent an example of how things can be done differently.

Jef Huibers, "Sensitive Bowl" 2001, silver (925) and iron, height 12,5 cm, zes versions.

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